Songs From This Book

Some comments about these recordings


I apologize that I can't offer better quality recordings of many of these songs. My health has declined in recent years, making it difficult to do any serious recording, and in truth there's never been any danger of me being called the greatest singer or guitar player on the planet. I am and always have been first and foremost a songwriter


Although there are a few studio recordings here, most of the book-related recordings are rough, one-take "work-tapes": recordings that are usually made when a song is brand new, often before the songwriter(s) have even learned it and before the melody and lyrics are locked in. A work-tape is essentially a re-write and pre-production tool, never really intended to be heard by others. So please don't expect stellar performances or hi-fidelity. Believe me, if I had better recordings I would use them!


The songs on this playlist are sequenced to match the order in which the songs appear in the book. Should you notice a difference between the audio and printed versions of a song, it means that the song has been re-written since the recording was made, so the printed lyric is the correct, and most recent version.